A big welcome to this London Metropolitan University Bachelor programme.  As  “Die Brücke” between London and Hamburg, I am especially pleased that you are joining this already highly successful programme.

You are about to commence on a demanding and “hektisches” year of studying; I trust you will find the process stimulating, interesting and, above all, enjoyable!

I realise that you have already achieved a very strong foundation in the shipping business, as a result of your Dual Apprenticeship achievements and industrial experience.  The intention now is to add academic and managerial rigour to your portfolio.

The modules studied will direct you towards the wider academic context of shipping logistics and management; the dissertation will provide you with an excellent opportunity to pursue both your research interests and your professional career objectives.

Wishing you a Gute Seereise

Dr. Merv Rowlinson

Southampton 10.2.12